Bed Buddy Deep Penetrating Heat/Cold Back Wrap

Bed Buddy

  • Treat Your Aching Back Muscles
    Great for hot or cold therapy. Simply place in the microwave or the freezer for soothing, relaxing pain relief.
  • Heat Therapy:
    Provides relief for sore or tense muscles, arthritis pain, back pain, or just as a way to stay warm during the winter!
  • Cold Therapy:
    Provides you with a refreshing feeling on a hot summer day or to relieve inflammation or swelling.
  • Reusable and Easy To Use
    Durable and well crafted heating rice pad that is built to last you for years. Reuse over and over again. Get multiple heating pads for the whole family to enjoy - or get ready to be sharing yours!
  • Instant Pain Relief
    Our Bed Buddy microwave heating pad is easy to prepare; relax and feel the stress and pain leave your body.

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