Dole Soft Serve Mix Lemon 4.40 Pound Vegan and Kosher


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  • Fat Free - Coconut Oil contributes a trivial amount of fat
  • Vegan and Kosher
  • Dairy Free
  • One pack yields 8-gallons or 89 1/2-cup servings each

Dole Soft Serve is perfect for restaurants, small shops, convenience stores, and other businesses looking to serve a fast delicious ice cream like mix with their soft serve machine. One pack makes 89 ½ cup servings. A volume amount of 1/2 level cup, weighing 91g, of frozen prepared product is based on 40% overrun. Depending on the amount of overrun your soft serve machine is set up for, a 1/2 cup of prepared soft serve may weigh more or less than 91g and will affect the number of servings. 

DOLE is a registered trademark of Dole Packaged Foods, under license by Kent Precision Foods. 

Made in the USA and perfected to be delicious. 

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